Have you ever dreamed of having your very own CD?  You don't have to be a "professional musician" to do it either!  

The Star Sessions believes everyone should be treated like a star and be given the chance to record in a professional studio!  Imagine yourself recording songs with a vocal coach to help you along the way.  Shoot a photo shoot, have a team of graphic designers design your album artwork and to top it off, get your very own manufactured shrink-wrapped CD's mailed to your doorstep!

Based in Langley BC,  The Star Sessions (a division of Song Of Stars) is currently offering three recording packages to choose from. From kids to adults, students, songwriters, weekend musicians, hobbyists and more, we promise you will treasure your CD recording for years to come! 


Here's what people are saying:

"The Star Sessions was the opportunity of a life time. I say I have an album and people are like WHAAT?! It's amazing! I feel like a star and now my family across the world can hear me" ~ Taylor Swift, Student

"Working with Star Sessions was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had!" Abigail Smith, Student

"Recording with Star Sessions was an amazing experience that left me feeling inspired and wanting to start creating my next project!" ~ Kat Siebolts, Telus Customer Service Rep & Songwriter

“The Star Sessions was a great opportunity for me as a newer artist, recording for the first time. Everyone involved made it an enjoyable experience; so much so that I would do it again, without a second thought. It gave me a new perspective on musicianship and brought me as an artist to a whole new level.” ~ Selina Tyler, Singer/Songwriter

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